How Can Graphic Designers Make Money Selling Websites?

How Can Graphic Designers Make Money Selling Websites?

Thanks to advances in website technology and the availability of low-cost print services, graphic design businesses are increasingly turning to website development and the supply of print to help boost revenue streams.

It sounds great but how does a graphic design business take advantage of these new opportunities?

In this article we’re going to focus on website sales but if you’re interested in the idea of selling print online or need to provide an important client with access to a web to print storefront this article provides some information you might find useful.

Selling Websites

The market for websites is still growing and graphic designers are a natural choice for many start-up or small businesses looking for help with their website. Today it’s all about mobile friendly website design and platforms like WordPress make it much easier to turn a great design into an equally great website.

WordPress is so easy to use that many graphic designers are now happily building simple websites in-house. Increasingly though businesses need more than just a pretty website, they want advanced functionality that helps provide added-value services for their clients and helps them to streamline their own business processes.

One of the benefits offered by WordPress is access to a very wide range of plug-ins and many of these are simple to install and provide an easy way to add standard website functionality like enquiry forms, newsletter subscription, social media share utilities, and integrated maps etc.

Given the time and inclination most graphic designers could build a good quality website using WordPress but such projects can be time consuming and most designers will quickly get out of their depth if any form of programming or database development is needed.

Making Outsourcing Work

The answer is of course to outsource the work to a WordPress development agency but these are often more interested in selling directly to end-clients at high margins, than providing outsourced services where margins can be much thinner. This can make finding a reliable and affordable WordPress developer a real challenge.

Offshore providers offer low hourly rates but often inflate the number of hours. What’s more they can be very unreliable and the communications and culture gap can make life difficult.

Another option is to find a contractor but here prices can be high and a good quality, responsive service provider can be hard to find.

Don’t panic though …. help is at hand!

Flex4 is a WordPress development agency that is based in the UK and has over 10 years of experience providing outsourced website development services. We specialise in WordPress application development, although we can also create simple websites if you just need an extra pair of hands. Our typical customers are graphic design agencies, printers and marketing consultants.

If you have a project you need help with, why not give Flex4 a try!

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